Calling All LEGO Pieces!

Calling All LEGO PiecesCalling all LEGO pieces of the world to unite!

This is your time to clean out the closets, the toy chests, the hundreds of pieces that have been sitting around collecting dust. You know how it goes…

You Build a Set
You Add to It
You take the Set apart and it never gets put back together

Put those random LEGO pieces to work! We will take any pieces you have and make buildings and other play things that will bless others. Get Started Now.

There are plenty of LEGO bricks to go around!

There are enough LEGO elements around for every person on earth to have 80 bricks.

Did you know that at the time of this writing there have been over 600 billion LEGO elements manufactured?

If all the LEGO sets sold in just 2011 were stacked on top of each other, they would fill a football field to a height of a 58 story building. We want to start by building a building 1/200th of this area and only 1 story high. 

Top 5 LEGO® City Sets You Can’t Be Without

The LEGO City Sets are a great way to get into all the action and adventure. From the Police and Fire Departments to the Vehicles and Mining, we love them all.

5. 7498 Police Set

4. 4439 Heavy-lift Helicopter

3. 7286 Prisoner Transport

2. 7288 Mobile Police Unit

1. 4440 Forest Police Station

Bricks Around the World Kickoff


We are off and running! Today marks the start. We hope to use this site to gather LEGO® bricks from around the world. We plan to then build and show our life size buildings created from the generous gifts and trades between LEGO® users.


Stay posted for more…